Are actors and professional athletes remunerated too much?

Professional sport and film commerce are careful to be one of the most gainful activities and almost everyone dreams to become a well-known athlete or a movie star and take delivery of much cash for it. These careers are bounded by numerous myths and myths linked with the easiness of the labor and the lack of any facts and skills. Nearly everybody thinks that it is easy to be an actor and fool roughly his role in the film or to be an sportsperson and run all day long and do zilch unusual connected with the ordinary or general professions. Evidently  many people converse about the unfaithfulness of the human civilization and criticize actors and athletes because of their imbursement which is often equivalent to hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars. A famous movie star can obtain several millions of dollars for a single film as well as a football actor has a one hundred million contract with a positive civilization. 

Like every trouble the question about the income of actors and athletes has its supporters and opponent but let us dwell on the optimistic sides of the high sum. It does not worth mention that actors and athletes labor hard to attain success in their line of work they have to remain to the principles in essay  figure mass, fashion etc. They expend more than 12 hours operational on the role in the film or training in the sports hall. The most logical explanation of the high expense is that these people there not only themselves but the whole kingdom on the global arena in sports and art, so they should be support and praised as they make the image of their state.