Influences of education in life

We forever talk about the value of education and its impact on society, other than seldom think about how society affects our instructive system. We often pay no attention to the fact that social norms, customs and traditions intensely influence education. Society and education are strongly bound entities and hence cannot be divided from each other. I believe, society in itself, is an educational institution. Social connections give us the skill to read people. Our traditions and values shape our upbringing, therefore molding our personalities. We learn from our environment; we learn from practice. And we should be thankful towards society for providing us by a platform to study, develop and improve ourselves.
Before understanding the influence of society on education, we have to define society. Society is an complete social group having a characteristic cultural and financial organization. It is characterized by patterns of dealings between individuals. It is a group of individuals who share an ordinary system of customs, values and laws. From the meaning of society, it is clear that we human beings are its basic blocks. As we interact with people, try to appreciate their thinking styles and behavioral patterns, we soon understand that there is so much to study from them. Society is the greatest facilitator of education. 
We cannot limit the impact of people on the education system alone. We require to understand the role of society in the in general development of an human being. Even before we happen to a part of the teaching system, we start learning from our environment. And during the development of formal education, we frequently take 'non-formal education' from society. Yes, our connections with our fellow-beings, our comments about their social performance and our understanding of social norms prepare us to face life.