Learning Good English With Handbook

When an infant baby just starts to learn a language, he/she talks by merely putting words one after the other that is together without even thinking about the style, its usage, the expression, or about using grammar. Sometimes, even the novice writer usually does the same thing,  too.Yet, the good writing and having a good command over this English language do deserves much far better than that. The glad news is that this can be learned from some books such as The Handbook of Learning Good English .It is true, that many texts on this subject have been made it to take print after Strunk and also White's famous The Elements of Style, but usually most books on this market do satisfy a writer's needs that too only partially; and others are even too heavy or may be too thick to even keep on the desk or may be to carry around in a good  overnight bag. Some of these books do offer some complicated answers, and most of the others do not keep up with these  changes in its usage and also language.
    The first published handbook was The Washington Square Press Handbook of Learning Good English, This Handbook of Learning Good English do offers everything that the other books do, as well as the keeping up with the gradual changes in its usage and also expression. Being hailed as the first copy editor's right hand, it usually gives clear answers that too with examples to solve the trickiest problems ever.This hand book is being divided into four major parts:
:First one is the Grammar Section
:Second one is the Punctuation Section
:Third section is about how to Style the Written English: that is Miscellaneous Mechanics
:Fourth section is about beyond the Sentence: that is Diction and also Composition.
:At the end, it do offers a big 131 page Glossary/Index that is for quick reference of the whole material in those above sections.