Responsibility of a student in their society

 It is a commitment everyone has towards the society – contributing towards social, cultural and environmental causes. SSR is based on an individual’s principles. Instead of giving significance only to those areas wherever one has material welfare the individual supports issues for charitable reasons. It forms the base for CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility since if everyone in a business association does his/her bit the bigger things mechanically fall into place. The trends however demonstrate that big charitable organizations recorded high development due to the SR efforts of individuals and not corporates or the government. ISR may be a little impractical, particularly in the modern aggressive world, where everybody works for self-interest, but it will do well if we take decisions based on what will advantage a large number of public and respect everyone’s basic rights. As individuals we can build our small contributions to society by donating money to trustworthy NGO’s, saving our assets by reducing our utilization.
Apply utmost effort to develop his/her potentials for repair in order that he may become an benefit to his/her family and society. Uphold the educational sincerity of the school, endeavor to arrive at academic fineness, and put up with by the rules and system governing his academic everyday jobs and moral integrity. Advance and maintain peace and stillness of the school by observing the rules of regulation and by striving to expand a harmonious relationship with fellow students, teachers and academic staff, and other educate personnel. Contribute actively in civic dealings and in the promotion of the universal welfare, particularly in the social, financial and cultural growth of his community and in the achievement of a just, compassionate and orderly society. Exercise his civil rights sensibly in the knowledge that he is responsible for any infringement or violation of the community welfare and of the human rights of others.