Should students be allowable to have cell phones in simple and high schools?

If a child should have a cell phone answer is he can have a mobile without any indecisiveness. All are thinking children today require a cell phone just for security sake. There are phone plans and parental limitations to outfit all needs. In present world a cell phone is a requirement for any child old enough to be gifted to use it in an urgent situation. 

The problem arises when the cell phones are bring to school. Many school districts ban their use even their attendance at all times even throughout prep periods and lunch. Student handbooks outlaw the control of a cell phone anywhere on school foundation. Any child with a cell phone can have it confiscate by ability. Some are disagree with this strategy. And students are well alert that many students will use their phones erratically irritating to call or text friends during class or peril having their phones go off in the classroom so can’t agree with the strategy of no cell phones. It isn’t sensible. Specific rules require to be put in place so that phones are silence and in backpacks during class. Having been an instructor in an elevated school we know it can be done and done productively. Mobile phones are a security feature in a world that has become dangerous and unfriendly in particular to children. How many adults feel safer significant they have a cell phone in their possession not only for talking to friends. Recognize do and have old it more than once to bid help. How much more required is for your child to have one on their organism.